100 elephants are killed every day for ivory.
Elephants in Africa will become extinct in the next decade.

What are we going to do about it?

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Introducing: The Wayne

A Tribute to the fallen

The Wayne, dedicated to the memory of  prominent anti-poaching activist Wayne Lotter, is a Virtual Museum, employing advanced technology to convey the urgent message of the Elephant Extinction Crisis

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  • Awareness: Providing in-depth coverage of the elephant extinction crisis through field notes and research statistics. Building empathy and motivation for action.
  • Education: Conveying the science and matriarchal family structure of elephants and their critical role in shaping the ecosystems of Africa. 
  • History: Exposing the illicit networks and corruption of the world ivory trade and its current escalation.
  • Witness: Bear witness and record the story of this unfolding crisis through varied media.
  • Action: Customized outreach and access to the message of The Wayne. Localized content advancing change in attitudes worldwide 
  • IMPACT: Preserve elephants before they are gone for good!

Founded by conservation activist, Ramona Mays, Operation Diana is an active response to the Elephant Holocaust now taking place in Africa. 


Please help fund the development of The Wayne. 

survival of the largest living land mammal may depend on it.

People are losing their lives protecting elephants.

Legendary Elephant Protectors KILLED:

Roger Gower in 2016
 Wayne Lotter in 2017
Esmond Martin in 2018 

AND more than 1,000 dedicated game rangers in the field.

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Our Team

Our Operation Diana team members are dedicated volunteers.


Ramona Mays - Founder
Carol Englebrecht
Tom Lithgow
Jeff Long
Anne Minkin
Elisabeth Thieriot
Virginia Thomson
Clare Ullman
Joanne Zavlaris


John W Mays
Arjun Nagendran / Mursion
Paco Link
Charles Hambleton