THE WAYNE - Virtual Digital Museum

Over the past several months since Wayne Lotter’s assassination, team Operation Diana has been devoted to developing a Digital Virtual Museum, a tribute to the fallen called THE WAYNE. We are a collective group of concerned citizens who have been engaged in a process of participatory envisioning, discussion and outreach to impact the elephant extinction crisis, taking place in Africa. Wayne Lotter (founder of PAMS) was my friend and mentor who happened to be one of the most effective elephant protectors in Tanzania, which suffers 70% of the poaching. Wayne’s murder has left the conservation world reeling with horror and there is a huge hole that requires immediate attention.

THE WAYNE, will be a cutting edge site with virtual rooms of history, photos, portals into the savannah, artwork, biology, ecosystems science, links to documentaries and storytelling like never seen before. It will be translated into many languages and will be viewed by millions of people across the globe. We believe THE WAYNE is a new kind of conservation that can turn the situation around for elephants and keep them on the planet. With only 320,000 remaining and more African elephants being killed than are born, this has to happen NOW.

Ramona Mays